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"XXXMAS" is the title of a Christmas themed EP released by Danho.

About the EP


While unpacking her Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving, Danho found a dildo she had left in the box last year. This inspired her to create XXXMAS, a slutty holiday EP.[1]


After finding this dildo, Danho rushed to the phone and called Gigi McDonald and forced her to produce this new idea she had. [2] They two slaved for a week to make the EP.


  1. Santa Bring Me Some Snacks


  • [S] - Refers to a song that is also considered a single.
No. Track List Duration
1 How the Pussyphobics Stole Christmas(feat. Amigos) 2:36
2 Vagina Diagnosed With... (Frostbite) 5:07
3 Santa Bring Me Some Snacks 3:30 [S]
4 Pound Me Under The Mistletoe 2:58
5 Vegetarian Soup(feat. Gingica) 2:35

EP Credits

Record Labels & Co.

  • Panda Parade Records


  • Ariane "Danho" Sucadic
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