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"Thé" by Danho (Feat. Via D'Agem ) is the lead single off of Jewels For DelRoy.


  • Thé translates to tea in French, the song is named as such because most of the song's lyrics are sung in French, including the hook.
  • The music video was released alongside the song, but due to the music video cutting much of the song off an audio video was uploaded a few days later.
  • Danho confirmed that the song will only be available on physical copies of Jewels For DelRoy and not on buying/streaming platforms.
    • This was due to the track experiencing copyright issues before the album's release.
  • The song was performed in the Jewels For DelRoy launch party, which was held on November 15, 2017.
  • The music video is the first off of four storyline-conjunctioning music videos for Jewels For DelRoy.


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