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Matilda Wormwood, also known as Queen of Snakes is a Robot-American singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer who collaborated with Danho in Thé (The Remixes).


  • Queen of Snakes remixed and produced all three of the Thè remixes.
  • She has starred in the Jewels For DelRoy music videos.
  • Queen of Snakes has a solo career.
    • Her debut album, Spiritual, released on October 13th, 2017.
      • She featured Danho on the track titled, Calling the Impostors.
    • She is currently airing a series titled, The Snake's Shadow, which she wrote and directed herself.
    • She is releasing a reissue of Spiritual featuring songs from The Snake's Shadow, titled, The Spiritual Monster.
  • Queen of Snakes has many hobbies such as:
    • Singing
    • Songwriting
    • Producing
    • Creating Instrumentals
    • Writing
    • Directing
    • Software Programming
    • Mind Control Research
    • Portal Specialist (As shown in the F-U music video)