Mold In My Mold


"Mold In My Mold" by Danho feat. Shrekora is featured on Jewels For DelRoy.

The song was announced as the second single off of Jewels For DelRoy on November 14, 2017. A music video for the song was released shortly after.


  • The music video is a direct continuation from the music video for Thé.
  • Originally, the song was planned to be performed at the Jewels For DelRoy launch party, but for unknown reasons, it wasn't.
  • When the song is sung at the Jewelry World Tour, the hook of the song is succeeded by Mermaid Fantasy, before transitioning back to the intro again.
  • According to the Jewels For DelRoy launch party red carpet interview, this is one of Danho's favorite songs off the album.
  • The instrumental for the song is used in the Jewels For DelRoy announcement video alongside The Blur.


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