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"Jewels For DelRoy" is Danho's 3rd studio album, after WETNESS. The album features 12 tracks. It came out on November 16th, 2017.

The album features Via D'Agem, Skip AD and Shrekora.

About the album



  1. Thé
  2. Mold In My Mold
  3. F-U
  4. Star6
  5. They Disappointment (Promo)


  • [S] - Refers to a song that is also considered a single.
  • [P] - Refers to a song that is considered a promo single.
  • [N] - Refers to a song that is not on the released version of "Jewels For DelRoy".
  • [D] - Refers to a song that is on the deluxe version of the album.
  • [J] - Refers to a song that is only featured on The Jewelry Box.
  • A superscript refers to the featured artist of a track.
No. Track List Duration
Thé(feat. Via D'Agem) 3:17 [N] [S]
1 OG 3:19
2 The Blur 3:17
3 She's So Weird 4:20
4 F-U 3:28 [S]
5 Mold In My Mold(feat. Shrekora) 4:03 [S]
6 Dumme Schlampe 3:39
7 Gradient 3:27
8 Snow Parade(feat. Skip AD) 3:16
9 Star6 2:29 [S]
10 4th Element 3:29
11 They Disappointment 4:08 [P]
12 There's A.... 3:51
13 Oh Oh Oh 4:18 [D]
14 In Open Arms 4:09 [D]
15 Lower 3:50 [J]
16 Pussnami 3:23 [J]
17 Save Us Chat 3:49 [J]


  • The album was named after Danho's cat DelRoy.
  • The album was originally going to be released on November 9, 2018, but for unknown reasons, the date was pushed back to November 16, 2018.
  • The album was announced shortly after the lead single, Thé, came out.
  • All music videos for the album feature a continuing storyline.
  • The deluxe version of the album features two additional songs, Oh Oh Oh and In Open Arms, but for unknown reasons, this version of the album isn't available on music services.
  • Each song on the album has an audio snippet on the official VEVO Youtube channel, excluding Thé, Mold In My Mold, F-U, Star6, Oh Oh Oh, In Open Arms, Lower, Pussnami, and Save Us Chat.
  • Originally, Thé was gonna be featured on digital versions of the album, but it later experienced copyright issues which led it to be removed from digital forms of the album.
    • It is only featured on physical releases of the album and The Jewelry Box.
    • The track was replaced with OG.
  • Originally, OG was only gonna be featured on deluxe releases of the album, but later it took place as the opening track of the album, replacing Thé.
    • This led In Open Arms to be moved from The Jewelry Box to the deluxe edition of the album.
  • There was a visual album created for this by Queen of Snakes, but it was not released due to the quality not being up to the Panda Parade standards.

Album Credits

Record Labels & Co.

  • Panda Parade Records
  • Lakewoord Recording Studios


  • Ariane "Danho" Sucadic
  • Rebecca "Via D'Agem" Silva
  • Claudia "Gingica" Bürger


  • Gigi "McDonald" Encarnación
  • Andrea "1EyedHoBarbie" White


  • Ariane "Danho" Sucadic
  • Rebecca "Via D'Agem" Silva
  • Claudia "Gingica" Bürger
  • Gigi "McDonald" Encarnación
  • Andrea "1EyedHoBarbie" White


  • Panda Parade Records