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The Jewelry World Tour (also referred to as Jewels World Tour) is the third concert tour by Danho in support of her third studio album Jewels For DelRoy. The tour began on March 23, 2018, in London, UK, at the O2 Arena, currently, there is no scheduled date to when the tour will conclude, but the last date currently announced will take place in Sydney, Australia at the Qudos Bank Arena on August 8, 2018.

Tickets for the tour went on sale shortly after it was announced on March 6, 2018. People who bought tickets via Ticketmaster's Verified Fans system receive a free copy of "Jewels For DelRoy."


The tour was first teased by Danho on Instagram with a behind the scenes post that dates back to August 17, 2017 that reads "Dance Party!" It shows Danho in her Firewerk Encore outfit dancing with one of her backup dancers backstage. The next year, on March 6, 2018, Danho officially announced the world tour on all her social media platforms with a short teaser trailer that showcased some of her prior performances and music videos.

The first leg of the tour will take place in Europe and will span 27 shows, the second and third legs will take place in North and Latin America, the fourth and fifth legs will be performed in Asia and Australia. The tour is planned to last for 102 shows, although some shows might be canceled and some shows can get added. Danho will go on tour for 115 total days.

Set List

Act I  — Classy In Chic

  1. Jewelry - Video Introduction
  2. "Thé" (Remix as outro)
  3. "Oh Oh Oh"
  4. "She's So Weird" (With dance break)
  5. "Squarepants"

Act II — Getaway

  1. Island Interlude
  2. "Mold In My Mold" (Mermaid Fantasy as intro)
  3. "Dumme Schlampe" (Aerobics)
  4. "Chained To This Dick" (ASMRTheChew as intro)
  5. "Bon Apple The Teeth" (Solo)

Act III — Jewel_Rave

  1. Pussyphobics Convention Interlude
  2. "F-U" (With Gingica vocals)
  3. "They Disappointment" (Remix)
  4. "Wig Flew" (Remix)
  5. "Swift Swift" (With Basket-Ball minigame)

Act IV — Unplugged

  1. Interlude: The Blur
  2. "Wetness" (Acoustic)
  3. "By The Grace Of Piss" (Acoustic Guitar)
  4. "There's A..." (Acoustic Guitar)

Act V — Intergalactic Diamond

  1. Audiowaves Interlude
  2. "Star6"
  3. "42" (Star6 as outro)
  4. "G.A.Y"
  5. "Sizzling Cum" (With monologue as outro)

Act VI — Encore

  1. "Firewerk" (Remix)