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Claudia Bürger, also known as Gingica, is a German singer-songwriter and producer who collaborated with Danho in Slutty Illusion, WETNESSORISM, Jewels For DelRoy, XXXMAS and on future projects


  • Gingica wrote some songs for Danho, including; 42 and upcoming projects.
    • She avoids writing songs because she doesn't have any skills in songwriting.
  • She provided background vocals for some songs, but did a feature on a Danho song called Le Trio.
  • Gingica has a solo career.
    • She cancelled her first album, but uploaded some songs on her VEVO channel.
    • She released 3 audio videos for her 2nd album, which its title is unknown. But later cancelled it again.
    • Gingica is currently making her 3rd album titled Blurriness, which is set to release late 2018.
  • Gingica has various of occupations;
    • Singer
    • Songwriter
    • Fat Modelling
    • Fashion specialist for overwheight people
    • Actress
    • Producer
    • Composer
  • She was personified by Eureka O'Hara on season's 10 Snatch Game's Rupaul's Drag Race
    • Rupaul said on an interview the following "I really tought that Gingica was on the room, she's like the elephant on the room but make it fatter dskjsdjk"
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