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Gigi McDonald is a producer at Panda Parade Records.


She originally worked on alternative tracks for other artists such as Shartsey and Lona Delery before eventually working full-time at Panda Parade Records for Danho, Gingica, etc.


Most of her work in Panda Parade Records surrounds Danho tracks. She worked on "Slutty Illusion" alongside Dr. Lick, "WETNESS" alongside 1Eyed HoBarbie, and "ORISM" PT.1 and PT.2. Her most notable works for Danho are "Chained To This Dick," "Wig Flew," and "Wetness."

McDonald was also a featured artist alongside Danho on "Chained To The Digestive System," a track featured on "Fire Extinguisher On Hot Turkish Guy (ORISM PT.2)."


McDonald also worked on various tracks featured on Gingica's unreleased debut album "The Yas," most notable are "HAS" and "YAD."

She is rumored to be working on her second debut album, evident by the release of "Fetch," which was produced by McDonald.

Queen of Snakes

McDonald is rumored to have been working on Queen of Snakes's debut album "Spiritual," but until album credits come out, this is just a rumor.

Via D'Agem

Gigi is rumored to be working with Via D'Agem on something ever since D'Agem said "I'm not focusing on solo music currently, but Gigi is stirring something up." in a mini interview with VOGUE magazine.