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Łickäss Goattweld (born September 26, 1973), better known as Dr. Lick, is an American songwriter, record producer, rapist, and remixer.

He was named one of the scariest men to work with at Cockfest '06. Billboard has given him the title of "Sir Rapes A Lot". He has gotten awards such as Biggest Foot Fetish at the Flop Music Awards, the Best Producer and Seducer award at Cockfest '99, and the "Why is He Not in Jail Yet?" Award at the Grammys.

Work with Danho

Dr. Lick has worked with Danho on these songs:

Slutty Illusion

Falling Out With Danho

Dr. Lick had gotten into a scandal when he was accused of sexually assaulting Gingica after the Wetness premier party. Whilst filming the Jewels For DelRoy visual album, editors found video footage of this and needed to go to therapy after seeing the video. Danho saw this and exposed him. Many other artists came out about their experiences with Dr. Lick. While it is not shown in the visual album, Danho beat up Dr. Lick and fired him. She now has Gigi McDonald, 1Eyed HoBarbie, Gingica, and Via D'Agem to produce her songs.