Danho Wiki

Ariane Sucadic, best known by her stage name Danho, is an Icelandic singer, songwriter, entertainer, dancer, performer...

Story of her music career

Ariane tried for years to reach out to the masses to shine light on our current society, while ironically failing.

In 2001, Danho released her first album "ariane sucadic." at the age of 6. The album was Christian Pop only, but no one bought it so she burned all the copies. No one knows how the songs sound like.

After "ariane sucadic."'s flop, Ariane fell into a deep depression and gave up on singing due to pussyphobia. During this time she took on many odd jobs, such as waitressing and voice acting.

But in December of 2016, Ariane, now stage-named 'Danho', finally got accepted by a record label and immediately started working on her debut album.

The debut album "Slutty Illusion" was released May 2nd of 2017 and hit number 1 immediately.

Later, she released "Wetness" an album that got many attention for its sexual and inappropriate genre. That's when she became one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

In November, Ariane released the soul album "Jewels For DelRoy", which still contains pop music, but with more meaningful and realistic lyrics that tells us more about her personal life. The album also has ballads, soul, R&B... Tracks which make this album suitable for everyone.

Danho is now on tour for the "Jewelry World Tour", and it is speculated that she will release more content soon.


  • Ariane invented many genres, including Wig Pop, Queer Pop, Christian Pop, Woke Disco, Squarepop, Futurapop, CUNTry and more.
  • In 2016, a stan of Danho broke her vagina to emulate how Danho's vagina was destroyed by excessive fucking. The fan tracked down Danho's personal whorehouse address and sent her a photograph of the self-inflicted injury. The singer was turned on and the fan was offered to produce a song for Slutty Illusion. The fan was 1Eyed HoBarbie.
  • Ariane has lots of occupations, such as:
    • Singer
    • Songwriter
    • Composer
    • Producer
    • Actress
    • Photographer
    • Model
    • Fashion Icon
    • Director
    • Dancer
    • Entertainer
    • Slut